Which bank is best in home loan?

Everyone in this world wants to have home. A lot of people live in rent home and they are fed up of this rent homes and want to buy homes for their self. They don’t have money and are in search of loan but don’t know where to find loan for home. We are here and will tell you how you can find home loan easily in Pakistan. It is possible now and you can buy your home. The maximum years of loan are 25. Now it depends on you that for how many years you want the loan. All banks in Pakistan provides you home loan but they have different rules and regulation which you must fulfill. It is now very easy and they will share their loan plan with you. once you complete the documents they will provide you the loan and you can buy home anywhere in Pakistan.

Bank Alfalfah:

This bank provide you loan that start from 2 million to 50 million. The time depends on you whether you want it for 3 years or 25 years. Your age should in between 23 to 60 to get this loan. They require a pay slip and your salary must be 70000. You should provide 12 month bank statement and you should be 2 years old employ of your company. They will give you this loan on easy terms and condition. You can take loan and be the owner of your home.


This bank also provide you a home loan and easy to get if you fulfill their requirement. You can get loan from 2 million to 15 million. The loan time is 60 to 240 months. You can return your loan in between this time with this rules and regulation. You should have CNIC and 100000 salary, 5 year experience and your age must be in between 22 to 60.


You can apply for loan in this bank and can take loan of 25 million and pay back in 12 to 240 months. It also required some documents. Once you go through this procedure you will be provided the loan and you can buy home anywhere in Pakistan. To get this loan your age must be 21 to 60. Your salary must be 50000 and you should be working there for 5 years and should provide pay slip and 12 months bank statement.

Askari Bank:

You can apply in this bank with minimum 500000 and maximum 20 million. You can return it in 36 to 300 months. The person should earn 50000 and age should be 23 to 60 and you must have CNIC. This documents are very necessary without this you cannot get the loan. It needs 12 years employment proof. It also need 12 months bank statement and you should be the residence of Pakistan.


You can apply in UBL for minimum 1 million and can be payable in 36 to 240 months. You need to verify yourself as by providing them CNIC, residency proof, pay slip and 12 months bank statement. You should have proof of 12 years of employment proof and minimum 50000 salaries. You will get loan if you fulfill their requirement.

Bank Al-habib:

Like other bank it also has some rules and regulation. It also provide loan that starts from 3 million to 20 million. It is also payable in 240 months and you have to fulfill the requirement. You should have 60000 salaries with 12 months bank statement. Your age must be from 23 to 60. You should be the resident of Pakistan.

JS Bank:

This bank provides 5 million to 100 million. They need documents which consist of CNIC and pay slip and 12 months bank statement. Your age should be 21 to 60 and should have 70000 salaries.

Meezan Bank:

In this bank you can apply for loan and get the loan of 5 million to 50 million. You can pay it in between 12 t o240 million. You must be an employ having 40000 salaries with 2 years of experience. Your age must be 25 to 65 years. If you don’t fulfill the requirement you will not get the loan.

Standard chartered:

This bank also provide loan like other bank and provide loan from 3 million to 30 million. It also required some information from that is correct and they will provide you loan once they check your information. You must be an employ and having 50000 salaries and your age must be from 21 to 50. It provides you 75% of property value and if you want to get loan from them. You need to provide them your pay slip and 12 months bank statement and proof of employment.

These all banks provide loan for homes on easy condition and you will be the owner of your home once they provide you the loan.





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