Pocket Sense – Theft Alarm App Download Apk

Don’t worry about pocket or mobile phone when traveling or around public places. The Pocket Sense application will reduce your stress with our smart solution. Install the PocketSense app and enable PocketSense mode.

that’s it! Now, if a mobile thief pulls a mobile out of your pants pocket, you will be notified by an alarm. You can turn off the alarm just by turning on the cell phone or turning off Pocket Sense mode.

Do you charge your mobile in your workplace or bedroom? Would you like to know when someone has access to your mobile? Enable charging sense mode in the app. You will receive a notification via alarm when someone disconnects the mobile from charging.

1. Pocket Sense Mode – Notifies you if someone pulls your mobile out of your pocket.
2. Charging Sense Status – Notifies you with an alarm if someone stops charging your mobile.
3. Movement Sensation Mode – Notifies you with an alarm if someone accesses the mobile from which you placed it.
4. You can turn off the alarm for a few seconds to prevent it from starting immediately.
5. Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

Note: Pocket Sense with Flip Cover on mobile phone will not work well.

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