Phone Master–Junk Clean Master

Phone Master is a clean phone master, speed up your phone!
Phone Master with Features: Clean Junk Files and Speed ​​Booster, Uploader, Data Manager, Junk Cleaner for Android, CPU Cooler and Battery Saver, Virus Cleaner

An all-in-one junk cleaner and privacy protector, amazing to update:
* Excellent cleaner for clearing cache and speeding up RAM
✔ Scheduled smart cleaner and smart charging and battery saving
خورا Highly efficient power saving and data saving
Selected antivirus

Why choose a phone master?
With powerful cleaning machine: Cache Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Residue Cleaner, Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner, System Junk Cleaner, Apps Cleaner, and other advanced cleaners. Can speed up your phone performance and save your battery
To protect the security and privacy of your phone with many privacy protectors

Main features

Phone Cleaner (Smart Cleaner)
Phone Cleaner is here to clean up cache files, RAM and more on your phone. This cleaner can free up a lot of space, improve the speed and performance of your phone, it is an automatic cleaner that adjusts the cleaning time for cleaning your phone.

★ Speed ​​booster
This booster does not allow other automatic launch apps in the background. Can speed up the process, shut down unnecessary apps running in the background and save battery.

★ Deep cleanser
Clear unwanted photo, video, audio, installation package.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver can analyze battery usage and monitor all apps that run out of power during use. This superpower cleaner can hibernate apps to prevent battery depletion and improve battery life.

Antivirus (virus cleaner)
Scan all apps for viruses, clean up viruses, improve your phone security and virus protection (Virus Cleaner Trojan)

Close apps, photos, messages and other personal information. Protect your privacy. Secure by encrypting sensitive photos, videos, contacts, SMS and communication apps

★ CPU cooler
Cool the CPU temperature by finding and closing apps that may cause the temperature to rise. Apps Cleaner for blocking most hot apps

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