How do you play Ludo All Star Online?

We have told you about many games and they are very useful for you. We tell you about those games that are the best and like around the world. We have introduced you many games and today we are going to tell you about games that can be played online and you can make a lot of friends. We have told about games that can be played offline and online. Today we are introducing you game that is online and its name is Ludo all-stars. This game can be played between two to four players and this can be your friend or strange people. This can be played offline and online. This game will remind you of your childhood memories and you can make new friends. There are coins and you can play for those coins.

It is a simple version of the Indian game chopat that is played between two or four players every player has four tokens and they through the dice and they race to reach first. They roll the dice and what number comes they have to move the token according to that. This is how they play the game. This is not just a game and you can chat here and talk to each other and share coins with each other. This is a very interesting feature and you can select your partner and you can play tournaments in it. It has many features that are mentioned above. This is the best game and many players play this game and it is played all around the world. You can make new friends through this game.

This game is played everywhere and they have been given names different names by different people from around the world. It is very famous and if you do not play it. You should install and play make friends and enjoy its other feature.

This game has some rules which you have to follow and without that is not possible. There must be two players or four players and they have four tokens and they have to throw a dice and should bring six to take out their token and then run it on the number. If you can not bring 6 first you cannot take out the token from your home. If you roll the dice and it is six you have to earn one more turn and have a chance to roll the dice again. The player who runs all four tokens to the home is declared the winner.

  • It has 4.3 stars.
  • It has 178k reviews.
  • It is downloaded by 10 million people.
  • It is played around the world.
  • It can be played between two or four players.
  • Each player has 4 tokens and a dice to roll.
  • It has a chat room.

It is very easy to install and play. It can be played offline and online by two to four players. You can choose the people with whom you want to play or you leave it on the system they select the strange player for you to win or lose a coin. You can make new friends through this game and can add family and friends in friend list and play with them. It can be played any time as you start computer provides you a player and you can play any time.

It is very easy to play and you have to open play store and type ludo all star and install it in your device. You can enjoy its feature and it is very interesting.


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