Hexa Launcher

Hexa Launcher is your new favorite Android launcher! With multiple customization components, from creating your own Home Screen design, to a stylish layout Dock, 6 built-in standard Themes and multiple icon packs with the ability to even change their shapes – Hexa Launcher re-defines your mobile personalization and modifies it to your own needs and comfortable usage!

Supporting Android 6.0 to 9.0, Hexa Launcher offers the following omnipotent customization:

1. Home Screen: Customize home screen layout, icons size, label style. Present or disappearing notification bar, and more.

2. Scroll Effect: 14 different home screen scroll effects are built-in, allowing fade out and elastic scrolling efficiency, just to name a few. Compare and choose your favorite one.

3. “At A Glance” Widget: Customize widget font, clock and date format, search bar style, etc.
4. Icon Packs: Apply icon packs, change icon shapes, customize all of your apps layout, icon sizes and label styles.

5. Dock: Customize your dock style, such as icon number, dock height, label, arrow, page indicator, rounded or square dock design and more!

6. Folder: Change your folders layout, create a folder open animation, background color and opacity, rounded corners, icon size, label style etc.

7. Themes: Within Hexa Launcher, you’ll get 6 built-in standard themes while the ability to adapt your theme according to your own chosen wallpaper, is always on the table!

8. Shortcuts & Popups: Create your own shortcuts & popup styles, label font, extract shortcut color from app icon, corners radius and much more.

9. Phone Behavior: Choose whether to allow screen rotation or not, edit your lock home screen, and more.

10. Back to Basics: Don’t feel quite right with your customization? Tap on the Reset All Settings button to go back to your initial settings and layout!

All in all, Hexa Launcher offers powerful features and tools that let you personalize and modify your phones appearance, just the way you want it, and most importantly – it’s all free!

Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. Hexa Launcher is inspired by Android 9.0 Launcher, but please be noted that it is not Google official product.

Note: this app uses the Device Administrator permission, because “Turn off screen” function need this permission.

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