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EZbitcoin is the chain that earns you free digital currency and can buy things from that. It is to share links and see ads and play some sorts of games that will help you in making some coins that can be turn into money.

To click on this it does not cost you much it is free but it might take some time. You have to sign in and create an account that will help you earn some coin but it might be less and time taking. You can earn by hard work and turn your time into money if you work on EZBitcoin. However it is free and you earn here without investment.

How it works:

It is not bad idea to have an account and earn it there. You will always earn whenever you open the account. This will help you in earning the points and those points will be change into currency and you will be pay for those point it is very simple you have to earn point and convert it into the bit coins. The price for the point is shown below.

You can earn 14 EZP and 31EZP in one Hour 52EZP in five minutes and 121EZP in for Weeks.

These point rate are available in BTC, TRON, Tether and Lite coin.

10EZP 0.00000001 BTC

1EZP 0.00003557 tether

1EZP 0.00052260 tron

1EZP 0.00000023 lite coin.

These are the conversion rate of the EZP into digital currency and earn these point and convert it into the digital currency. You can buy gifts and can cash it in your account.


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