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People are crazy and everyone want to earn online. They want to make money online and they are crazy about apps to know what apps they can download and how much money they can earn from them.

They are searching different website for such purpose and we will tell about those website that can help you earn more money and you can do online work and that is how it is possible by downloading some apps. These apps are consider as first and they are helpful in earning money for you on daily basis. You do not have to invest you have to performs the tsk and they will pay you in return. There are thousands of apps but we have some of them that work properly and you can earn from them easily. These are apps that wants from you to perform tasks that are provided by them. These tasks are not difficult and they are very easy. You have to share things or do a survey for them or answer some question in return they will pay you money for those tasks and we will be introducing those apps to you and once you start work on these apps you will love it as they pay for free for performing a small task.


This is the app that do not need any money you can earn online for free and you have to download this app and open your account and perform the task and earn money from it. If you are wasting your time on facebook you should have this app and earn to do surveys and watch videos. If you stay there for 15 to 20 minutes you can earn 2$ easily. This is huge amount and if you spend hours there you will earn a lot of dollars per day. It is there for 14 years and people like it and they use it as it pay to 405 million customer. It has a solid record and everyone believe in it and want to install it and take benefit of its free service. It is totally free to make money and responsible to pay them. It is popular then the other site and it pays to people that is why people like to have it. It can work on both android and IOS.



This is an app and if you do online shopping in it you get back the reward and you can earn a lot of money and they can provide a lot of money in return for shopping and some people earn 1000$ and when you earn up to 20$ it will be send to your account. It is easy to use and you can earn easily earn up to 100$ per month. It is free to use and you can take out money once it is 20$. You have to make account in it and have to make offers for yourself and have them in your account soon once you shop from the store. If you want to have some gifts and cards you have to invest 25$ to earn those.


If you have good skills in photography and you have a good camera and you can take picture that are of high quality and you can upload them here and earn money for that. Bank of America and Getty images will pay you 5$ for each and you will be able to earn for free. You need to take high class picture in return they will pay you. You have to take images of good scenery and that is probably bet for paying you. If you are having simple picture and you want money for it is not possible. You can earn more money if you join their mission and they will ask you to take specific picture for them and they will pay in return and that is a good amount when you take picture which they ask for. This is probably their mission and you can earn up to 50 to 100$.it is easy and free to use it. It will pay high amount once you perform the task they ask for.


This is an app that you can download from your play store and you can earn money from it for free. It is very easy to use and when you open your screen them an ads appears and you earn in this way. You can earn more points as many times as you open your screen lock. Each time you open the screen and you will earn points and you can buy gifts from those points or convert to money any time you want. This is how you can use it and have money in your pocket. Its earning is very slow and almost people earn monthly 10$ and people who unlock screen many times a day and they will earn that much points. It is free to use and sign up. You will paid everyday as many time as you open your screen and you can earn to play games and download them. If you referral to anyone they will give you bonus and you will get 25 points bonus. Its earning are low and people do not consider it because of its low earning. It is not possible to have this as you have some security issue and you do not want to share your lock as they will know your lock.

Google opinion rewards:

This is a credible app and it will pay you for sure and they will pay to take surveys and you have to fill these surveys in 24 hours. You have to share your opinion about food, TV shows, travel and more. Each surveys will pay between 0.10 to 1$ and it will pay you more if you are consistent. It is better to have this then wasting time on social media and you will get more knowledge and earn money without investing money.


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