8 new apps you should know

Life is full of enjoyment in this era. But there are people who do not know about a lot of things. There are thousands of apps added to the play store and we have selected 8 apps for you and you have to install these apps to enjoy your life. These apps will make easy your life and you will enjoy to use these apps. We have research the apps that are best and you will enjoy its use and consider it as the best apps of play store. If you go to play store you will be confused that which are best and how we can use them. These might be the best app which we are introducing in front of you. The apps are following.


You must have this app in your mobile and we recommend this as it can provides you many things such as GIFs. You can upload it too to share with other people. GIFs are now used on social media and there is competition between people that who will share the best GIFs. This app takes this GIFs to another level. It is new app but it has gained a lot of popularity. You can select GIFs and record a voice of your choice and upload it and it will become a short video. This is how this app work and we can say that it is the best one and you can share it with other for the sake of enjoyment.


This is an app that has countess restaurant and review their food. This app will help you to tell that which pace is best and what dish you have to try. It tells you the right information and that matters. It will provides useful information that will help you. This app will help with honest review cost and dishes that is provided in different areas. This is the best app and if you are traveler you should install this app as you will not have any problem with food and pace. Once have this in your mobile and you have to search for food and good places as it provides honest review to you.


This is an app that provides you stories to be read. It has many story and its feel like you are reading someone messages. It is good app but it need to be paid. It has large library that has stories and videos and you have to select the story to read it. But they will not show you full story and once you read little now you are compel to pay them and read the full story. Stories are so interesting that the reader want to but its paid version to read stories. It is update daily and it has always new things in this app. It has all kind of stories romance comedy and etc. you can read full story once you have paid version.


This is an app that has help you a lot finding sound for you. If you need sound for your ringtone alarm and etc. you should download this app. It has every kind of sound and you can find here easily. The app has offer thousands of sound for free and they are easy to download. You can select the category to find sound. You can sound for every contact and when they call you. You will know who is calling you. This is the best app for sounds and you cannot find better app then this. You must have this in your mobile if you are keen to have new sounds every day.

Pocket casts:

This is the best app to listen to podcast. You have to search podcast and select the episode and listen to it. You must have this in your phone if you are podcast lover and adds your favorite episode to your queue. You cannot find its replacement and it has every podcast in it. It is liked by the people and in review they ask people to install it and enjoy podcast. We also use it and it is the best app. This app constantly uploading new episode of podcast and you will love to have them in podcast library and you can listen them anytime you want.


This is an app that provide you meditation and have videos that are having session from three to 25 minutes. All the topics are included and they will guide about disease and how to treat it and have medication. These apps are very helpful and you will love to have this app in your device. It has a lot of guidance and you have to listen them carefully. If you want guidance from this app you must follow what they tells you and you have to do what they want from you.


It is an app that provide you guidance about your fitness. It has scientific technique that helps you to keep fit and tells you about exercise you do. It will give you daily task and you have to complete those tasks that let you change and you will know in month that you are fit and have good health.


This is an app that helps you edit your photo. It has free stocks and you have to choose photo and select in canva and apply its tool there and now you can upload those picture on your social media.



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