10 best online jobs from home to make 500$ a month

Nowadays it is very important to know how you can earn online. People use different platforms to earn online. Everyone can earn online you need some skills and you should know how to use a computer. Skill is necessary and social media is the platform where you can work for free earning. There are ways which you have to follow and you can earn through this procedure. If are free or you do not have a job. You must try online and sell your skills on the internet and people are there you need to join the right platform where people pay the best price for your skills. We will be telling the platforms and the ways on which you can earn 500$ per month. Millions of people are working online today and they are earning a good amount from this. We have searched a lot about this and we have found many platforms that provide opportunities to earn online. Some people make this their full-time job. They work all day and earn a lot. People now know these platforms and want to earn without investment.

Taking surveys:

This is how people earn online. They have to fill out surveys that are uploaded by a different website and they do not need any investment your skill on this platform is your time. You have to give your time to complete surveys and submitted to that website and in return, they will pay you money. You can do this in your spare time and it can be your part-time job. It is not very hard and you can fill it easily without any problem. There are many companies who want different people to do their surveys if they travel from one place to other and this cost them a lot. You need to search the website and fill out the survey and in return, they pay a good amount and in this way, you can earn 500$ plus. It may take 5 to 15 minutes and this means a lot to those who do not have a job.

Deliver the Food:

This is possible you have to be connected with food panda. People order online food and you have to deliver them to their homes. Food panda gives you a commission and you can easily earn 500$ per month from this work. They have selected food from the local hotels and food panda ask you to deliver the food to the given location they also give two option whether to pay online or give cash to a person who delivers the food. You have to sign up and register yourself with food panda. This is also one without investment where you can earn money without investment.

Grocery shop:

There are apps that can provide grocery shopping but they also need someone who delivers that shopping to their home. If you get register yourself with these apps you can earn a good amount. They do not have a fixed amount and they can buy things any time. You have to deliver them that grocery on the same day. These apps do not have delivery services they connect other people with them and they do this work for them and they earn a good amount of 100$ per day.

Animal foods:

It does not need any degree and you have to intend to do this work and you will earn a very good amount from this. You do not need any special thing just you have to learn how you can make that food. Once you are able to learn this you find many people who will order you food for their animals. You will earn more than from your expectation. Healthy food for animal is very important and once people come to know about you they will order their animal food for you. This is also one way to earn easily 1000$ per month.


This field needs interest and you must know your niche then you can earn from this platform. It is free and you can earn from this without investment and you must know how to write and share stories and your experiences with people. You can select any niche whether you want to write stories or reviews about things and you have to upload them on the website and people come to read and google will pay you a good amount. If your website goes viral you will earn beyond your expectation and this is a good way of earning and you can do this in your part-time.

Become a virtual assistant:

You can earn money by becoming a virtual assistant. People have established their online businesses and they need a person to run a shop for them and they handle their accounts. If you have the skill they want they will hire you and you have to do work for them. They pay a very good amount for virtual assistants and the more you are experienced the more you will earn. When first you start they will pay hourly and later you can earn more. If you are new they may pay 15$ per hour and when you are experienced and famous they will pay 100$ per hour to do their work. You need to stay on this platform to earn more.

Become Editor:

If you are expert in a language and you can spot the grammar mistakes and this platform is for you. People need a guy who done this work for them and make their work easier. There are many platform where people need such expert and you have to join those platform and show your expertise there and they will hire you. They will provide text and you have to search there for mistakes and make them correct and submit back to them. They will pay for your this service and you can earn more then 500$.

These are the online platform where you can earn in your free time by providing them your services.


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